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The most telling moment of an Irresponsibles show happens afterward.


Stick around after the performance, after the last funky drum break, after the applause has died down and the guitars are back in their cases.  You’ll find the band over by the jukebox, creating their own spontaneous dance party with old friends and new fans.  That’s when you realize that the joy and camaraderie the band exudes on stage isn’t an act, it’s just who they are.


Individually, the Irresponsibles are Rachel Dalton, Greg Lang, George MacDonald, David Soffar, Wenson Tsai, and Garrett Williams.  Together, much like gumbo or strong ale, they’ve become far more powerful than the sum of their parts.  


In former lives, various members of the band have made music from Maine to Japan, in bar bands and as solo artists, as classical composers, hip-hop DJs, and karaoke heroes.  Now they’re crafting something new – a sound that fuses Motown harmonies, rock & roll energy, and deep funk attitude into something altogether unique: Brooklyn Soul.

the  irresponsibles

The Irresponsibles
The Irresponsibles

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